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Obsession, Distraction, OR Opportunity?

This is a mini-testimony and encouragement for anyone in the midst

of unpleasant circumstances, warfares or simply God’s shaking.

2023 has mostly been a year of character building (pruning) & testing. Such times of intensity are often an open door to familiar behaviors, thought patterns & the spirits that control the unhealed parts of me.

For those of us who have struggled with “weight” (excluding medical issues) - our "weight issue" is really an emotional and a spiritual issue. What we label as a “food battle” or “weight battle” can either be a familiar distraction or an opportunity.

Emotional eating is a heart issue, stress eating is a heart issue, dealing with painful situations /traumas through eating (or even not eating) is - again, a heart issue.

A “food battle” is a barometer telling me, I need to go to the feet of Jesus. I need to surrender so He can show me what is motivating my behavior, what is at the root. In God’s mercy and love He doesn’t want any area of our heart left in captivity or broken. He came to set us free and heal broken hearts.

Again, what we label as a “food battle” or “weight battle” can either be a distraction or an opportunity.

Today, I encourage us - yes, you AND me, to choose opportunity over distraction. Give yourself permission to see hope in your circumstances & battles. Let’s surrender to the Father’s love. He is with us to comfort, heal and strengthen us. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

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