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The Bride is Awakened

Her dreams were pleasant. Her bed, comfortable, she didn’t like the first intrusion of morning light. Just a few more minutes, she thinks to herself with a smile.

The sun rises, the radiance of its light continues to shine upon her. Its intensity grows greater, stronger. The bride is coming out of her chamber still wearing the dress of a deep sleep.

Fully awake now, she listens intently…

“Rise up, my beloved and come with Me.”

“We will enhance your beauty, encircling you with our golden reigns of love. You will be marked with our redeeming grace.” [Song of Solomon]

Her heart burns with love. She is tenderized, sensitized to His voice. She melts at His glance. His voice, now unfiltered, tells her the words she longed to hear, her whole life,

“My dearest darling, you are so lovely! You are beauty itself to Me. Your passionate eyes see Me and the glory of My presence. You have asked for the eyes of your heart to be opened, to see Me ~ and I have answered you. Here I am, my beloved, my bride. Here I am.”

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