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A mark of Revival – Pouring out His oil

I saw the oil of healing being poured out over the nation. I saw it being distributed from the west coast to the east. Literally, up and down from north to south. I knew I was not the first person nor the only person to see this move of God.

Because this birthing unfolding revival is to be like none other. The last one carried an anointing for creativity in the arts, this one carries a creativity of signs and wonders, rebuilding and restoring.

Psychological, emotional healing is needed. Trauma healing is needed because of the demonic ravaging of God’s people.

Supernatural trauma healing by the Holy Spirit is God’s response to the demonic abuse of His children by the political, educational and climate-green agenda, world order people.

The Lord says, “I hear the cries of My children. They are like the cries I heard when Israel was enslaved to Pharaoh. I see the abuse and My heart is grieved. I sent My servant Moses as My instrument to deliver My children. I sent My Son, to deliver My children; I sent the Holy Spirit to expand My work, My deliverance, My healing to both Jew and Gentile. I sent Holy Spirit to equip and empower My children to do even more, even greater things than My Son.

Once again, I will pour out My Spirit. Once again, I offer salvation. Once again, I will move to set the captives free in a massive way like when I delivered a nation.

Rely on Me. Rely on My Son. Rely on Holy Spirit. The journey can be short if you surrender to My counsel. The journey will be short if you are not stuck in the soul realm.

The healing I am pouring out is to accelerate the healing process of these wounded traumatized children. What would take years of counseling, I will accomplish in an instant, a day, a month, a few months because I am shortening the days. I am launching in My people as warriors, mature warriors ready for their assignments.

It will be different this time, different than other revivals – if flesh does not take ownership of what I am doing.

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