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A Word for Prayer Warriors

It is time to birth this next chapter. The size and weight of this season requires great strength. God is releasing the strength to handle both the birth and the responsibilities that go along with it. There is a holy anticipation and awe in the air about all the Lord is to unfold.

Some will shrink back in unbelief. Some will disqualify themselves like those in Gideon’s army but to each one who keeps their eyes up, keeps their eyes on the Lord, keeps looking ahead, they will fiercely overcome and take the territory.

This coming season is like no other in history. Yes, there are those who have said this before like during the Great Depression, WWI and WWII, but , the Lord is saying,"I promise you, if you turn to Me with your whole heart and do not waiver, you will see a victory like none other since My Son walked the earth, since the time of the early church."

Instead of a few “stars”, a few generals, a few leaders, the Lord is raising up generals and leaders over communities, cities, counties, regions, states and nations. This army of the Spirit will work in secret, but the results will be felt globally. The Lord has been and continues to raise up so many warriors and intercessors that it will overwhelm the enemy and send confusion into his camp. He may have legions, but the Lord has millions upon millions of finely, fiercely trained warriors.

The Lord is saying to us – “Keep our eyes on Me. Keep our eyes on Me. He is the author and finisher of our race. The best is yet to come, warriors. The best is yet to come, Bride. The best is yet to come, friends of the Bridegoom. The best wine has been saved for last."

July 16, 2023

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