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Hi, I'm Stephanie. Simply put, God has taken my mess and made it a message.  I am passionate for others to know the God who liberated me with His love.

Author - Teacher - Encourager

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Do you wonder
Discover & walk
in your identity
Grow in Intimacy
with Jesus
Get Freedom
& Healing
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The Christian life wasn't meant to be lived alone! We all need  ENCOURAGEMENT

to thrive & walk in freedom 

Get to Know Me

Hi, my name is Stephanie.  I am a Jewish believer, author, speaker, teacher, and encourager.  As a Jewish believer, I have searched the scripture for a greater understanding of the things I learned as a child and how they are fulfilled in Y’shua.  As an overcomer of emotional and verbal abuse I want everyone to be liberated by love.


Stephanie is a wise woman who offers her experience as stepping stones to others. She is filled with compassion for those who find themselves sinking in pits of abuse. She gives practical steps for others to follow her out into a life of freedom.


Cheryl G., Pastor

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Start Growing

Encouragement Starts Here

God deeper! Study the Word with me on online 

Get equipped through my book & blog

Growth happens when we realize we can't do life alone! We need each other to thrive!

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Join me every Monday on Facebook where I'll share revelation and practical encouragement from the Word.

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Monday Musings

You can be Free!

I wrote my story of healing to give you hope and to share with you the very clear path God gives us to get free and stay free! 

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Guest Speaker

I'd love to share with your group the beautiful truths that God used to set me free from a life of pain & shame & set me on a path of whole-hearted living


My Blog

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