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Hi, I'm Stephanie.

Simply put, I am a freedom fighter. I am passionate about sharing my story of how biblical truths helped me turn my pain into purpose. My prayer is that as I share my journey, others will experience the same healing and hope that I did.

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Do you wonder if life will ever be different or if feeling loved and good about yourself is possible?

Shame is a silent killer of the heart. It has enslaved many women to feelings of fear, worthlessness, and even self-hatred.


Some women never experience feeling loved and valued.  They may turn themselves inside out trying to change to gain love and acceptance.  Others simply think they are crazy for feeling as they do.  In the end, they live feeling trapped and hopeless, believing life will never get any better.

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You are not alone!

This was my story too.

I didn’t know there was a name for what I experienced as my "normal."  It was called emotional & verbal abuse & I was its prisoner, its victim. I almost didn't escape. Oh, everything looked amazing on the outside but on the inside, I was broken. I thought no one, not even God cared.  But, that all changed when God radically set me free and then taught me how to walk in emotional wholeness!

Do you wonder
My life is proof
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You are the reason I wrote my first book

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NO ONE should have to spend even one moment shackled by shame, fear and abuse!  


I wrote my story of healing to give you hope and to share with you the very clear path God gives us to get free and stay free! 

In my book I'll give you a step by step process for how to:

  • Unpack your emotional baggage

  • Receive healing in your heart

  • See yourself as loved and valuable

  • Regain confidence to make choices toward freedom

  • Never give up until you experience your breakthrough

Who is this Book For?

Those who feel stuck in painful relationships and don't know what to do

Those who are trapped with  thoughts of worthlessness, self-hatred and regret

Those who constantly find themselves on the losing end of relationships 

Those seeking healing from their wounds to enjoy the adventure of life



 Stephanie does a beautiful job telling her story in a raw and relatable way exposing the lie-based cycle of shame from a sound biblical perspective. The practical truths outlined throughout and thought provoking challenges inspire the reader into their own healing journey.


Heather Fritch, PhD


  • Looking in the mirror and loving what you see

  • Waking up feeling a sense of power over being able to decide your future 

  • Feeling connected and confident in your relationships 

  • Having a clear mind and a heart full of peace

  • Feeling loved and valued


Just imagine...

I truly believe Shackled by Shame and Liberated by Love is going to set so many captives free around the globe. As you read Stephanie’s extraordinary story, you will find your road map to freedom and joy as well. 

Işik Alba, Lead Pastor Dream Church


How I serve You

 I want to share with you, the truths God gave me, that enabled me to walk out abuse and into a life of emotional wholeness and freedom! 


Whether it is on Facebook Live, through small groups or events, I love to share God’s truths that have the power to heal and restore!


In my first book, I present to every wounded person in need of healing, a window into my personal journey of healing from abuse

Prayer Ministry

I'm an intercessor, a worshipper and prayer warrior. Please let me know how I can pray for you.

  • Live Teachings

  • Prayer Times

  • Inspirational Posts

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