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There's Power in the Name of Jesus

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Knowing that God had a Son was not enough for me.  I wanted to know everything there was to know about Him.  For example, my friends told me Jesus walked the earth today.  So what did that mean?  What did that look like?

Testing spiritual truth

A few days later, as was my practice when exploring spiritual truth, I decided to drop acid.  I had already moved out of my parents and into “the loft” where safe acid and marijuana were free flowing.  It therefore, wasn’t difficult to get and to take the acid.

For some reason, while I was high on the acid, my friends all went to sleep.  A very unusual practice as we did not let people drop alone.  I guess they figured since we were all in the loft together, I would be okay.

At any rate, I found myself in our kitchen with the door closed while everyone was upstairs sleeping.  I began saying, “Jesus, my friends tell me you are alive and you walk this earth.  If you are, come in this room now.”  I watched the doorway – nothing.

Jesus, if you are alive …come into this room

“Jesus, if you are alive and walk this earth, come into this room.”  I repeated.

I can’t remember how many times I repeated myself when I saw a vision (or hallucination, I will let the reader decide).  I saw an army of medieval looking armor clad soldiers with jousting sticks on horseback to my left. To my right, I saw another group indistinct in features but definitely surrounded in “white.”  These two forces began fighting right in front of my eyes.  I knew, in my heart, they were fighting over me!

Frightened, alone, on the floor of the kitchen, I cried out, “God!!???” Immediately, in mind mind, I heard one word, “pray” and at the same time as the word penetrated my thinking, a peace, unexplainable came over me replacing the fear.  I knew I heard for the very first time, the voice of God.

at the name of Jesus. . .

I opened my mouth and began, “Jesus…” That is all I said, and at the name of Jesus, the medieval dark knights and their horses turned to ashes falling to the ground.

It was then I knew, without a shadow of doubt, there is power in the name of Jesus.  Now, remember, I was a young, 20-year-old JEWISH girl.  I was raised in the synagogue.  No where in my thinking was the phrase or concept of “power in the name of Jesus.”

At this point, I knew, Jesus was the head honcho of the universe.  I wanted to be in with “the head honcho.”  So, I asked Jesus to hold my hand and to never let it go.  At the same time the reader must realize, I lacked understanding of His death on the cross of my need for a savior.

If you are the Son of God

Over the next several months, as I read scripture, I was taught by the Spirit of God, that in taking acid, I had opened the door to the occult world.  The spirit in me that was demanding Jesus to prove himself by walking in the room, was actually no different then the spirit that came to Him as the tempter after He had fasted for 40 days and night.  Trying to get Jesus to prove himself, the devil said to him, “if You are the Son of God…”  (Matthew 4:3-11)

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