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Marvelous Makeovers

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

I don’t know about you, but I love makeover, overcomer, and stories where the heroine lives “happily ever after”. I will scour the programing lineup on YouTube, HGTV and elsewhere to find stories where there is a huge transformation or where someone beats incredible odds to accomplish their goal and realize their dream. What I love best about these stories is their common theme. The unlovely becomes lovely, the underdog wins, and there is always a happy ending!

My preoccupation with these kinds of stories started in my childhood. I grew up on fairy tales. Most fairy tales told of magical transformations, justice for the underdog (or heroine) and they usually end with everyone living happily ever-after. One of my favorite stories was Hans Christian Anderson’s, The Ugly Duckling. Perhaps you remember that story. It is about an ugly ostracized duckling who one day magically transformed into a beautiful swan that everyone wanted to befriend. Secretly, I longed for the day when I would be magically transformed from the ugly (fat) duckling, into a beautiful swan who became suddenly popular and loved.

Although my life is very different now than it was in my childhood, college years or even in my early adult years, I know why I still enjoy these transformational make-over stories. Besides the fact that I identify with the story line, I am reminded of the process of transformation that is available to each one of us and it still gives me great hope.

One of my favorite makeover programs are the home rehabs (HGTV, anyone?). In a home makeover, a few things are considered – the desires of the owner or future owner, the integrity of the actual building structure and the cost. In most makeovers, once the outward or cosmetic things are removed, the secrets hiding behind the walls or even in the foundation are discovered. Any flaws, any weaknesses are corrected before the cosmetic work begins again. The result, a beautiful sturdy house is ready to become a home.

The work of God in our lives is very similar. He fashioned each of us in His image. He perfectly understands our design. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Even those these things are true, we may experience physical pain, heartache, loneliness, depression, and a whole list of negative things that seek to destroy our beauty. God looks beneath our surface, into our hearts. He knows what has been worn down, broken or damaged. And He knows how to restore, repair, and redeem us.

Just as there is a cost to restoring and rebuilding a home, there is a cost to our God-makeover. It cost God the life of His Son. It costs us too. We get to give up the lies we believe about ourselves. We get to forgive those who hurt us. We get to give up our right to be a victim. We get to surrender to a love so great, so deep that our hearts are filled with joy.

And the results, we radiate with an incredible beauty that is the reflection of the beauty of our Creator.

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