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Escape from the Accusers Palace

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Rejection, fear, hurt, anger

A menace in varying disguises;

Separation, division, turmoil, confusion

The fruits of this king’s reign.

Darkness which eats away at life,

Gold which turns to brass;

Glimmering, shimmering lights of promise

In a palace of lies.

Once I lived in King Accuser’s palace

 Yes, once I dwelt there in,

Protected by walls of malice

And encompassed by dazzling sin.

Through the walls of impenetrable


Through the fog of fears

Through the maze of madness entered a  sliver of Light.

Quickly the king’s soldiers,

Around my heart did fly

Protecting me with sadness

And a criticizing eye.

But something quite small inside me

Is drawn to this Light;

Irrational, illogical, undeniable from within my soul – a tiny cry

Yet, no word aloud is spoken,

I appear not to reply.

Looking to the Light once more

Something different  I see;

Quietly and gently it seems to speak to me.

Beckoning, yes, calling me to draw near.

Looking into the Light

Which no longer hurts my eyes,

 A little lamb appears much to my surprise.

Assuredly the lamb walks

along a path

which seems already trod.

He marches up an unfamiliar hill,

One I’d never traveled before.

There upon the hill,  now a brilliant light

And a cross.

Slowly I follow  the lamb;

But a small voice inside seemed to  caution me

Not to wander further,

For the ground I stood before was somehow holy.

The lamb, no longer by my side

Was now at the top of the hill.

And without hesitation, without looking back

He voluntarily climbed upon THE cross.

Suddenly I realized,

I was not alone.

A  crowd had formed around me,

hurling words like arrows at the lamb,

Laughing, jeering, mocking, their cries did fly.

Oh, the foolishness of a lamb upon a cross to die!

One soldier took his mighty sword

And pierced the poor lamb’s side.

The blood poured out upon me

Like water and sweet wine.

Walls that held me captive crumbled at my feet;

The soldiers who once surrounded me turned

Running now with determined gait.

Taking with them the darkness and its fearsome estate.

I gazed back at the hill and the cross,

But to my bewilderment,

No lamb was dangling there.

Instead there hung a man, no, a King with pierced side

For on his head, a crown of purest gold.

And above that crown there appeared a sign which read:

“For you, my beloved, I died.”

May 1974

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